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World Youth Day
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Menno Travel has been serving clients worldwide since 1971 operating within the market niche for non-profit organizations, churches and charities. Our fares apply to individuals, groups or teams of travellers.

Over the years we’ve secured strategic partnerships with 20+ global airlines allowing us to give our clients the most options in terms of fares and routings. Our contracts offer cost savings plus significant benefits not associated with traditional published airfares. Our team of professional travel consultants have great expertise in routings to unusual destinations throughout the world.

Menno Travel is able to offer Missionary/Humanitarian Fares to short and Long term Missionaries, students travelling in service to others, Volunteer Medical and Construction teams ,Church conferences and Assemblies, Humanitarian volunteers, Disaster and Relief workers, qualified Non-Government Organizations and International Adoption participants. Menno Travel’s Humanitarian fares are Global, which enables us to book travel for clients located around the world. Your Menno Travel consultant can also take care of your travel insurance, hotel, car rental or other ground transportation needs.

We look forward to serving your travel needs.

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